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Release the Kraken

Please forgive me, for I have sinned.  It has been three years and two days since my last post.

I suppose I could bore you with the details of how I started and nearly finished my doctorate, got promoted to Deputy Director, got completely disillusioned, retired from both and bought a business selling supplies at dog shows.  But that is boring stuff compared to what’s happened in 2020.

My cat died.  That started everything off.  Then there was a pandemic, causing a violent societal reaction that resulted in an economic collapse, which fostered protests, riots and looting.  It’s been a heck of year, and it’s only half over.

I miss the cat.

I heard stories of murder hornets and I wondered how we would deal with them.  If this were a Japanese B movie (starring hornets?), Godzilla would come traipsing out of the ocean, stumble upon the hornets and light them up with his breath weapon.  Yes, that is how we could handle the murder hornets.  However, you know if Godzilla made an appearance, the murder hornets couldn’t keep it interesting.  No, he would have to face a real foe.

Release the Kraken!

Actually, the Kraken wouldn’t be much of an issue.  After all, it’s just a giant squid like thing.  Stay off the beach and you’ll be fine.  I’m seeing how the Kraken isn’t worthy of making an appearance in 2020.  So, let’s make a call to  . . . Cthulhu!

Cthulhu Vs. Godzilla.  Coming to a neighborhood near you.  Winter 2020.

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