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When it comes to studying for your Ham license, I found Hamstudy.org to be the easiest web site to use.  It contains everything you need to know to pass your technician class license test, and you are able to study at your own pace on your own time.  It’s free to study for the test on their web site, but you will need to schedule the test on your own, and pay whatever the fees are to the test site.  HamRadioPrep.com, however, seems to have a structured lesson plan that walks you through the necessary lessons.  You will have to pay HamRadioPrep a $35 fee for the class in addition to the fee you’ll have to pay for the test.



Ham Radio Outlet


Buy Two Way Radios

Dx Engineering

Better Safe Radio

R&L Electronics

WalCott Radio

Factory Outlet Store

Right Channel Radios

BTech (Baofeng Tech)



Ham Universe

RF Line of Sight

The Prepared

Ham Radio Prep

Grid Square Map

Ham Study

Ham Radio Prep

Ham Net


Upgrade to General License

Honorable Mentions

Ham Radio Crash Course

Ham Radio 2.0