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What do elections and pandemics have in common?

I woke up this morning with an epiphany.

This has been “Their” plan since Trump won in 2016. “They” have been working with the Chinese Government through Fauci’s people to create a virus that could be released in 2020 to create the conditions necessary to invoke the fear they needed to implement their election fraud scheme. Unfortunately for “their” plan, the Chinese people had a social uprising before zero hour, which forced the Chinese Government to release the bug early so they could use it as an excuse to lock down their population, allowing them time to crack down on the freedom protestors. We’ve all seen the Covid victims being dragged out of their homes and locked in “paddy wagons” for their own safety.  A few weeks later, when all of the Covid victims/freedom protestors had been “quarantined”, life returned to normal in China.

When Pelosi learned that Trump was going to close the borders to China as a result of the new “virus”, she panicked because she didn’t want him to get in front of the virus before it could spread.  She countered by calling him a xenophobe and then by telling everyone to go to China Town and hug people. She needed the virus – Covid and other flu variants – to spread as quickly as possible so they could get the case numbers up to create the fear. “They” had to play it down at first to prevent people from getting too cautious about it. Preventative action in the early stages would have derailed the entire plan.

“They” pushed Covid testing in the early stages not to find out how the virus was spreading, but to point to the number of cases to drive the fear.  We’ve since learned that the tests were inaccurate.  Any flu variant detected was reported as Covid.  There was probably a lot of false positives included as well, meaning no flu was present at all.  Remember Elon Musk?  He was positive in one nostril and negative in the other.

“They” knew all along that the Covid tests were not accurate. This was intentional. It helped escalate the numbers to induce a pandemic, which allowed “them” to put their election fraud plans in place. Mail in ballots, drop boxes, and the elimination of signature verification allowed them to mass produce the fraud that has been going on for decades. “They” may have been surprised at the speed in which the vaccines were produced- all at Trump’s urging, but “they” were also angered by Trump’s attacks on the pharmaceutical industry and the way he forced them to lower prices on certain drugs, causing a hit on big pharma’s bottom line. “They” then partnered with big pharma to restore their profits by forcing everyone to get the jab, paid for by the U.S taxpayer. “They” want everyone to get the jab, even those who have tested positive, for two reasons. 1. “They” knew the Covid test was fake – producing a high percentage of false positives. Which means the natural immunity so many people believe they have doesn’t really exist. Covid is real. It was created in China to kill people, and it’s still out there. Just like the regular flu, the best way to keep it at bay is to get vaccinated. The Covid vaccine, however, isn’t a real Covid vaccine. It’s a flu vaccine that’s been modified to also provide some protections against Covid. This allowed them to produce it quickly and cheaply. It’s probably not as effective as a regular flu vaccine, but it will get better as they improve on it from one season to the next. Since they don’t really know who had Covid and who had the flu because the tests were flawed, the vaccine will appear effective because it will reduce the incidence of the regular flu. The breakthrough illnesses we’re seeing right now are from people contracting real Covid – which the vaccine isn’t terribly effective against. Since fewer people will contract the real flu, which they would otherwise classify as Covid, the number of “cases” will go down significantly, making it appear as if they have made progress against the pandemic.

2. Many well placed politicians, business people and bureaucrats are in the pockets of big pharma. When big pharma hits the jackpot, so do they. We already know that big pharma reported tens of billions of dollars in profits as a result of the vaccine. That means their salesmen – the aforementioned politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats – got their commissions as well.  To keep the bonanza rolling, it’s important for the breakthrough cases to be talked about and politicized. People have to stay afraid so “They” can maintain the election practices that are most susceptible to fraud. This will also allow them to continue to push the vaccine, which is essentially bonus money for Big Pharma and their lackeys.

In summary, “They” have been planning Trump’s downfall since the 2016 election.  The pandemic was just one of many plays in their play book.  When Trump proved impervious to every other means of defeating him, they played the pandemic card.  The strategy was two fold.  First, a deadly pandemic during an election year was sure, they hoped, to drive his approval ratings down. Second, it would allow them to create as Biden put it – “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American Politics”. “They” knew from the outset that the Covid tests were going to report false positives, but they needed as many cases as possible to create the pandemic fear. That’s why they encouraged everyone to get tested. More cases, more fear. With the fear in place they were able to implement their election fraud scheme to steal the election.  After it was stolen, they had to pay off everyone who helped with the scam via money laundered through big pharma. Everyone who gets the jab is contributing to the financial well being of the thieves who stole the election.  The powerful got rich, and the rich got powerful.


Author: Gregski24

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