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Water Cooler

Today was the day I was supposed to install three water coolers in my computer.  I bought one for the CPU and the GPU, and I also bought a used GPU and water cooler from Ebay.  I was going to be styling with dual R9 290s and an I7 6700 – all water cooled.

Well, things never turn out the way you plan.  Although I bought the smallest water coolers I could find – Corsair H55 – I can only fit two of them in my case.  Just barely.  I actually had to take power tools to it to make the second radiator and fan fit.  I connected both of them to my GPUs (which bake with the heat of the sun) and I’m in the process of installing new drivers right now.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to monitor the temperatures anymore, because I had to plug multiple fans into the same motherboard plug.  I won’t need any tools to figure out if it works.  Honestly, the noise and the heat blowing off the fan of that R9 290 was amazing.  I should easily be able to tell if it is working.  I hope.

So, if anyone needs a water cooler, let me know.



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