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Social Media vs Business Messaging

I don’t have a personal Twitter account.  I did at one time but I cancelled it after the mass wave of censorship that took place earlier this year.  I know that most people still use Twitter.  They think that Twitter, facebook, Youtube and the like are Social Media platforms.  I disagree.  They are messaging platforms.  If you have a business and you need to share a business message, those platforms are the way to go.  They still have a long reach and are able to put your product in front of many current or potential customers and can be an effective advertising platform.

Unfortunately, many people still believe that these platforms can also be used to have topical discussions of a personal nature.  They can and are, of course, being used in that regard everyday, but only if the topic and the opinions shared don’t conflict with the messages those businesses (Twitter, etc.) want to be shared.  You see, these platforms themselves are in the business of sharing a liberal, politically left leaning message.  In that regard, if your message contributes to or at least doesn’t undermine the goals of their business, then that discussion will be allowed to continue.  If a message, in any way, conflicts with their business message – that is the advancement of the political left, then it will be prohibited, banned, removed, or whatever term applies.

No, the official, written goals and mission statements of these media platforms don’t include something along the lines of “to advance a politically left message”.  It doesn’t have to.  It’s obvious in the way these platforms are administered.  Take for example, just yesterday.  A congress person was banned from Twitter for criticizing the effectiveness of the Covid Vaccines despite there being credible evidence supporting her concerns.  In the mean-time, a sitting president was banned from Twitter for encouraging peaceful protests while the Taliban still have an active account, even after they implemented a real armed insurrection and overthrew a legitimate government.

There are still many “right” leaning political voices on facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, ostensibly to continue to share their message with the masses and to hopefully win a few over to their side.  I follow some of them, but only if they also share ALL of their content and more on free speech platforms like Bitchute, Odysee, Gab, Gettr, or even Telegram.  If they don’t have active channels on those platforms – meaning additional content from the big three, I don’t follow them.  Why?  Because then I know that they are, in fact, willingly aiding those platforms in advancing their political message.

My reasoning is this:  In order to post on Twitter, facebook or Youtube you must comply with their terms of service, which are designed to target politically right leaning messages.  In other words you must self censor or your post will be removed.  If you self censor in order to comply, then your message is helping to advance the political left message, or at least not causing it any real harm. If you aren’t also posting more in-depth, challenging, and opinionated messages on the free speech platforms, then it’s obvious that you’re really just in it for the money, and you’ll say whatever it takes to keep the money coming in.

Don’t misunderstand, I have no problem with anyone posting their politically left leaning messages on any platform.  My only issue is that some of these platforms don’t allow alternate points of view.  I also don’t approve of the disingenuousness of the “influencers” on these platforms who portray themselves as conservatives, Trump Republicans, or even libertarians, when in fact they are nothing more than bought and paid for minions of these platforms who are allowed to create some harmless controversy in order to give the appearance of free speech.  It brings in the viewer and creates more ad revenue.  There is nothing wrong with using these platforms to support your business.  What is wrong is using these platforms to misrepresent who you are in order to support your business.

Author: Gregski24

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