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Poof! It was gone!

If you haven’t noticed, my website crashed again.  I’m not exactly sure what happened, but it seems that the root directory somehow became corrupted.  That’s unfortunate, because I saved my backups to the root directory.  When I restored the backups, they didn’t work either.

The website has been acting weird lately.  When I tried to publish something the other day it kept crashing.  I tried posting something again yesterday morning and it crashed again.  When I checked back yesterday afternoon, the site was spewing errors all over the place.  I kept getting memory errors when I tried to restore the backups, and I even got a few when I installed this WordPress site, so I think my host’s server may have taken a dump.

So, here I am debating what to do next.  Unfortunately I don’t have the time to keep trying to fix this.  I may just leave a WordPress site up with a simple forum.  More to come!


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  1. Maybe. WordPress has quite a few options, but I haven’t found one that integrates well enough to allow members to add attachments or downloads. I want to add a page just for that. I’m still looking.

    P.S – I actually like how easy WordPress is to use. There are plenty of plug-ins, too. I probably should have been using it all along.

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